Artist Statement


Art allows us to express things that only exist in our own perspective, and is ever-changing in its view from how it’s looked upon and who sees it. In my work I take things I find relaxation in and transform them into shapes that give it a life beyond which any culture has seen. It becomes a series of shapes that have its own subtle elegance and strong personality.

I pull shapes and patterns from my years working with my mother in quilting. I take my love for carving out wooden shapes from the influence of my father’s expertise in woodworking. This is a marriage of shape and material that I have comfort in, and as a result the forms I create out of wood are immortalized through the process of mold making and then transferred into clay. The result is a functional yet sculptural series of work with soft round forms cut with sharp contrasting lines. The subtle texture of the wood grain pops out to the touch, and upon holding the forms one can get a special sort of contentment.


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