Welcome to YoungArts!
Where pottery and architecture meet within tableware.

Wide Cup033 (2)

This site features news and artwork created by the ceramist Lauren Young. Here you can see the artist’s recent work, blog posts, as well as shop for artwork on etsy.

The hope of this website is to share my stories and experiences as I go through life as both an artist and a teacher. I hope my writings are both thought provoking and entertaining for you to read!

I welcome you to enjoy this site, so post comments where you see fit! If you are interested in how I make my work please head to the process tab, and if you have any questions they can be sent under contact tab up top!


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1 thought on “Home

  1. Hi there Lauren Young
    This is really weird as my name is Lauren Young and I am also a ceramist! When my webpage went up I realised there was more than one of us….
    Love your work!
    From Aotearoa, New Zealand


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